5 Signs You Need Life Insurance for the Elderly!

Life insurance is not compulsory by law but plays an important role in the estate planning of every responsible senior citizen. We present you 5 signs you need life insurance for the elderly:

senior-couple-healthy1)     You have a venerable age.  Human life expectancy is limited to 70-90 years, although we know cases of people that are more than 100 years old. The oldest person alive has 116 years old. But these cases are very rare and you should know that once you reached a venerable age, over 60 years old, you should prepare for the inevitable end.

2)     Your health condition is beginning to deteriorate. A weaker immune system and a frequent occurrence of medical problem is another sign that you are approaching the final years.  Buying life insurance will later help you pay some medical bills, if you include a sick benefits rider in your policy.

3)     You are single.  This policy is extremely important if you are single, because nobody else will help you get money for paying medical bills or worse, paying for your own funeral. If there is nobody left to take care of you, you can talk with the insurer and stipulate in the contract that you want the insurer to organize and pay for your funeral.

4)     You want to provide a substantial monetary heirloom to your spouse/children. As a caring parent and loving husband/wife, you are concerned about the future of your loved persons.  If you suddenly die and you are an important breadwinner, your death will cause not only emotional shocks, but also financial disturbances.  You can prevent that if you buy life insurance.  The family will get all the specified death benefits.

5)     You are worried about the costs of your funeral. A typical funeral costs several thousands of dollars and few families afford instantly spending that sum without affecting the budget. Saving money for funeral services will help the family lessen their economic burden.

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