Life Insurance Over 50: What Policies Are Available?

Elderly are aware that when they start shopping for seniors life insurance, their options are limited. Companies have their standards and most of these standards limit access to life insurance for seniors.  Almost nobody will insure you if you are expected to live only 10 or 15 years.

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Gambling on a senior is not viewed as a safe investment, because seniors have weakened bodies which can be quickly damaged. Still, there are some options and you can read our blog if you want to know more about the policies available for life insurance over 50.

It would be nice if we had life insurance for all ages and all budgets. But such dreams are partially real.  Life insurance policies are available for all seniors. As a senior over 50 years old, you can get term life insurance, whole life insurance and no exam policies (including term life no exam and whole life no exam life insurance).

Many seniors tend to search first for term life insurance. This is usually the first choice that comes in mind, because we heard that it is cheaper. However, this is partially true; term life is a cheap policy for those that are young and healthy.

Companies that sell term life policies perform the most thoroughly analysis of any potential client. And they have the strictest standards.  So, don’t make too many hopes on getting term life insurance, because age really counts.

Whole life policies are less restrictive towards seniors, but there will be limitations regarding maximum amount of coverage and death benefits. The good news is that the premiums will be kept at the same value, no matter if you get sick or old.

No exam policies can be obtained by seniors that would otherwise be refused by companies selling standard policies. The prices are above average, but the protection and all benefits are real.

Our goal is to provide quotes for seniors. We work with top insurers all over US and we offer high quality quotes.  Visit us!